Kicking Fate has recorded a four-song demo, which we have sent to several clubs and radio stations in the Portland Metro and Seattle areas. To request a promo pack, with the CD included, please send an e-mail to Because not everyone wants to wait for a promo pak by snail mail, we've uploaded the songs from the demo in .mp3 format.

The following selections were recorded live at Club DV8 on June 7th, 2003

If you have Roxio's CD Label Creator, you can download and print the Jewel Box File (487 kb), as well. (You may notice, if you download this file, that there is no back cover. Because it's a demo, we decided to use the slimline jewel cases, which don't have them.) Hope you enjoy.


no more shows ever

Thanks to everyone that ever came to our shows and saw us play. We really appreciated it.